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What does the Trip Cost Cover?

Here’s what is covered in the trip cost

  1. International Airfare travel to and from major airport hub.
  2. Food…(three meals a day while in Hong Kong and China).
  3. Lodging for the whole time you stay in Hong Kong and China.
  4. All travel costs in Hong Kong and China.
  5. Bibles and other materials that are taken into China.
  6. Entrance fees to scheduled activities.

Not covered in trip cost

  1. Domestic US travel to and from major airport hub.
  2. Chinese Visa.
  3. Food during the international flight, the day you arrive in Hong Kong and the day you depart Hong Kong.
  4. Any snacks that do not come with the meals.
  5. Personal souvenir and shopping money.
  6. Any extra personal travel that you do that is not in the original schedule (example: taking a taxi to the market to do extra shopping in your free time).
  7. Any offerings or personal gifts that you want to give (you may have the opportunity to donate money to local ministers or missionaries, but it is not mandatory).