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Steps to Go

1. Apply

Plan a Trip
If you have 6 or more people interested in going on a missions trip to China we would love to plan a trip for you!  The first step is the fill out the Team Application form from the link below.  You will then receive your next steps in the trip planning process.
[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Team Application[/themify_button]

Join a Trip
If you are with a church or group of people who have already planned a trip with China Missions then click on the individual application button below.
[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Individual Application[/themify_button]

2. Pastor’s Approval Form

Your Pastor (or a Pastoral staff member) must fill out the Pastor’s approval form for you to be accepted.

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Pastors Approval Form[/themify_button]

Approved to go on Trip
Once your application form, application fee, and Pastor’s approval form have been received and approved, you will receive an email informing you that your application has been approved.

3. Trip Payments

Reservation Deposit
You must then mail in your $200 Trip Reservation Deposit to keep your account active and reserve your place for the trip. Upon receipt of the Trip Reservation Deposit you will be counted as an Official Team Member.

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Make Trip Payment[/themify_button]

Deposit 50%
Four months before trip departure date you will need to have paid 50% of the total trip cost.

Pay Total Trip Cost
Two months before trip departure date full payment will be required.

4. Passport

Get Your passport. (Note: your passport expiration date must be at least six months after date of departure)

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Get Passport[/themify_button]

Send us Scanned Copy of Passport
Email a scanned copy of the front page of your Passport to
This must be done as soon as possible and “before” you get your visa because new TSA regulations require information on your passport for us to purchase your plane ticket.

5. Visa

Get a six month/one year Multiple Entry Visa for Mainland China.
(Note: Hong Kong does not require a visa for US Citizens)

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Get Visa[/themify_button]

Send us Scanned Copy of Visa
Email a scanned copy of of your Visa to

6. Travel Release Form

Print, fill out, and mail the Travel Release Form two months before trip departure date.
(Note: Minors under the age of 18 must have application signed by parent or legal guardian)

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Release Form[/themify_button]

7. Pack

Your ready to go! Check out our packing list page.

[themify_button style=”large black flat” link=”” ]Packing List[/themify_button]

8. Travel

Be at major airport hub (depends on trip) to meet up with the rest of the Team on the departure date.
Your flight itinerary will be emailed to you.
(Note: China Missions does not provide transportation to major airport hub. Int’l departure location may change for certain trips)

If you have any further questions please send them to