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Will we be able to call the US?
The team will share a cell phone they will be able to make international calls from (a charge will apply; the amount depending on the origin and length of call). Some places that you stay will have a phone that you can dial international calls. You may also purchase a “sim card” in Hong Kong or China for about $15USD which works in some US cell phones. You can then buy “recharge cards” which allow you to talk for certain lengths of time.

What time is it in Hong Kong?
Go to for the current time in Hong Kong

How many suitcases can we bring?
You may bring one medium size suitcase and your back pack may be used as your carry on. You must be able to carry all your luggage by yourself. Carts will not be available in all places.
While traveling in China you will only be allowed your backpack. You will be pulling a cart with about 50-80lbs of books.

I want to be able to take a lot of pictures of the trip. I have a digital camera, but I will need a bigger memory card. Would it be cheaper to buy it here or when I get over there?
The prices here on some goods are lower but others are not. On smaller items like this I would recommend you buy them before you leave the USA as we may not be able to get you to a store where they sell what you need when you need it.

What is the weather like there? Do you have big changes in your weather?
Hong Kong would be similar to Orlando, FL. It is hot and humid in the summer but cool and even sometimes downright cold in the winter. You can find the best information for weather on the internet. Just do a search on the city you will be traveling to and you should find recommendations as to how to dress and what to expect.

Can I listen to Christian music or preaching CDs?
Yes, Personal Bibles, preaching audio and inconspicuous Christian material has never been a problem. Do not bring in Christian material for distribution unless it has been approved by China Missions. Do not bring any material that negatively portrays China as “evil” or “sinful” such as “end-time prophecies” stating China plays an evil part.

How will we take Bibles into China?
We will make two types of trips. One, in which we will take Bibles across the border from Hong Kong into China, and the other in which we go into China, pick up our materials that have already brought in and get on a train and go to a destination somewhere in China.

How many Bibles will we take in?
As for as exact numbers of Bibles, that is difficult to say because there are many different sizes (you can carry more small Bibles than large). It also depends on how strong you are. An average load would be anywhere’s from 20-100 books.

Do we need to bring empty suitcases/bags? (For transporting Bibles)
No, just bring your (emptied) black or earth-tone colored backpack and we will provide everything else.

How many hours each day does a trip into China take?
On a border crossing trip you would typically leave your hotel in the morning and return by mid afternoon. A train trip into China typically takes 4-5 days.

Does our group finance the purchase of the Bibles, and materials? If so, what is the cost?
All the Books you take across the border will be supplied for you. However, as you would fully understand, the Bibles and books we take in are not free and you are more than welcome to leave an offering to help cover the cost of the printing and shipping of these materials.

Given the nature of the trip, what are the possible consequences for an individual if the materials are intercepted?
If someone is caught at the border, the Chinese will simply confiscate the Bibles and books and give you a ticket which you can use to reclaim them on your way back out of China. Depending on the situation and location in Mainland China, the Chinese would confiscate the goods and may expel the person caught with the goods, and worst case scenario, the whole group, out of the country. No US citizen has ever been arrested or physically harmed on any of these trips, which now number in the hundreds and have been going on for decades.